Grooming professionals

We understand that for most owners their pet is a valued member of the family and that they consider their appearance and welfare to be as much of a priority as their own.

Therefore we are dedicated to looking after your beloved pet and giving you complete peace of mind that they will be in the best possible hands. We want to make the grooming process as stress free and pleasurable as possible and will try our utmost to accommodate your dog's individual needs.

Why groom your dog?

Grooming is not just for pampered babies and those dog’s who require styling according to their breed standard. Grooming your pet, is arguably the second most important thing you can do for them, behind providing food and water. A neglected or incorrectly cared for coat can be a source of great discomfort as matted fur causes tension and irritation on the skin and left unattended sores and infection will often develop in the moist conditions found beneath matts. Grooming also allows you build a bond with your dog and it is often through this, close hands on, contact that previously un-noticed health problems are discovered.

We understand that caring for your pets coat can be hard work and sometimes seem a never ending task, particularly on long coated breeds. Whilst hiring our services will sadly not mean you need never pick up a brush again, we believe that through regular grooming, quality products and education, we can certainly help to make your task easier.

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